This is my blog

There isn’t much to it, but it is mine. Whoever it is trying to reset my password five or ten times a week, just stop.  M’kay?


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I’ve been meaning to do this for some time. By “this”, I mean start a writing blog. Not a social blog. Not another email list. Not a diary or journal. But a place and a space for writing. Really writing. Which means that most of the posts here will probably be password protected, and the entire thing will be set up to self-destruct should I die suddenly (she said, smiling), or even not-so-suddenly, although I would hope I would have time to send this into the ether should the not-so-suddenly scenario be the case. In any case, enough with the awkward first post. It’s set up, it’s started, and if a picture conveys a mood, I’m feeling some of the anxiety pictured in the pooch.

Yearning Hound

Welcome to my brain. I hope you enjoy the trip.

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